Aphrodisiac Set
Aphrodisiac Set

Aphrodisiac Set

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This beautiful handcrafted wood box holds 4 travel-size glass jars containing these amazing love blends:

1) After Dark solid perfume: an aphrodisiac blend with uplifting and calming properties.

2) Charmed: an ultra-hydrating nourishing butter lotion for humorized grounded emotions and stimulated uplifted senses. Also increases the libido and calms the nervous system.

3) Lip Balm: all organic instant healing balm for soothed soft lips.

4) Hair Remedy: a highly nourishing remedy for healthy roots and luscious frizz-free shiny hair. This wonderful selection brings you State of the Art all organic blends based on Aromatherapy that soothes your skin and heals your organic body - and they smell absolutely amazing!

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