Face Care Set for Mixed Skin
Face Care Set for Mixed Skin

Face Care Set for Mixed Skin

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This beautiful handcrafted wood box holds 4 travel-size glass jars containing these amazing face care blends dedicated for mixed/oily skin:

1) Celestial Treat: beeswax face cream with highly nourishing oils and kinds of butter for pore-minimized sebum-balanced ageless skin.

2) Timeless: a coffee-infused nourishing blend for dark-circles, dark spots, and anti-aged puffiness free under-eyes.

3) Wake-up Glow: a beautiful synergy of heavy kinds of butter and oils to restore and rejuvenate your face during sleep with strong anti-acne purifying properties for that beautiful radiance the morning after.

4) Lip Balm: all organic instant healing balm for soothed and soft lips. This wonderful selection brings you State of the Art all organic blends based on Aromatherapy that soothes your skin and heals your organic body - and they smell absolutely amazing!

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