Soothing Duo

Soothing Duo

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Handcrafted with care from luxurious all-natural organic ingredients and scented with the finest essential oils for an earth and soul-friendly product.

1) Heart to Heart: Aloe Vera Oatmeal Butter Face Bar:

Oatmeal face bar with heart loving essential oils; Clary Sage, Lavender.. and many other awesome natural ingredients.

A soothing, pore-diminishing, skin brightener for hydrated tightened & finely restored skin.

It also works great for those with rosacea.


2) Rough Skin: A glass holding this beautiful blend of Raw Shea butter with Ylang Ylang essential oil… and many other awesome natural ingredients

An ultra-hydrating treatment for nourished refreshed and soothed skin.

Very effective for increasing skin immunity and fighting pathogens.