The Beirut tote bag

The Beirut tote bag

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by Pamela Mansour.

A collab between three women, that captures things dear to their hearts, be it sustainability, women’s rights & freedom. A book in hand, always daydreaming of a better Beirut.

Inspired by the city’s nostalgia and Golden age, this reusable tote takes us back to long summer days lounging on the beach in sporting club beach, or Saint George or long beach, under parasols that carry the old branding of Marlboro or Almaza. Long walks along the seaside of “jal el Baher” looking out onto the open sea yet always rooted in identity. Observing the old black and white Manara behind the famous “maison rose”. The prominent triple arches of Lebanese heritage houses. And the city’s greenery and Mediterranean flora, and ofcourse the beautiful palm trees that dot the coastline on the seaside of Ras Beirut.

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