A Taste of Lebanese Summer – Your guide to our top 13 summer items

FromLebanon.co, is an e-commerce platform that was born out of a deep feeling and connection with our home country, Lebanon.

Like many of us living abroad, it pains us to see our country aching, its people suffering and its businesses closing. We wanted to act and make a sustainable difference by empowering Lebanese homegrown brands to expand their business beyond the local geography, because they deserve nothing less than to be recognized and appraised worldwide.

To help increase awareness about our brands we decided to create a series of Blog Posts featuring them, starting with a lovely summer collection! And we have so many products that will remind you of our beloved country, especially if you are not able to make it this year ☺


Postcard by Leila Charafeddine


Here is a guide to our favorite 13 items:

1 - Toot by Feryal

A little about Feryal: This boutique is not about nostalgia, it is about identity. Feryal believes that food can tell stories of magical powers to reveal the soul of a country. They traveled Lebanese villages for years, encountered passionate producers in their family homes, roadsides, and markets and tried their products. Today they bring to you all the products they fell in love with.

A little about the product: Nothing beats the unique flavor of mulberry. Personally, it takes us back to these Lebanese hot summer days, when we would be gathered with our families, each one enjoying a cold ‘sharab el toot’ together to cool down and having all these random conversations that will remain in our memories forever. For a classic taste add a few spoons of syrup in cold water along with ice cubes. The ingredients include mulberries (toot) and sugar.

2 - Strawberry Honey Jam by Fertaike

A little about Fertaike: Fertaike is on a mission to recreate everyday food by using modern techniques and innovative combinations. All their products are based on green organic pastures, sustainability, environment-friendly production and ethical farming.

A little about the product: Who among us doesn’t think back to that time where our grandmothers used to make home-made jams and hand them to our mothers for our yummy breakfasts? Fertaike jams are nothing less than organic and taste like those home-made jams we used to eat as children. The honey jam is produced using fine strawberries and tested premium honey with no added sugar, making up to the perfect healthy breakfast for children and adults alike.

3 - Tabbouleh Bowl by Mouftah el Chark

A little about Mouftah el Chark: It all started in 1996 in a Lebanese mountain house where a family would narrate tales of the Orient. It is the epitome of oriental design and fashion, carrying curated collections of beautifully detailed abayas, dresses, bags, shoes, trays, boxes, tableware, and so much more.

A little about the product: When we think of tabbouleh, we think about those family Sunday lunches that used to last for hours where we would all gather around the table and talk about everything, eat a bit of everything, and drink Arak, while time flew by without anyone even noticing. This hand painted tabbouleh bowl will lighten up your table, taking you back to those beautiful never-ending Lebanese lunches.

4 - Open Pants by You Ar.t

A little about You Ar.t: You Ar.t is a new brand from which creativity and innovation were born from the most difficult of situations; proving that famous resilience the Lebanese people strive from. The 'T' in ART means trace, a mark, a 'visible stain'. Each product is customized, handcrafted, hand-painted, hand-embroidered, to create the most unique items on the market today.

A little about the product: Lebanon has established itself as one of the biggest players in the Middle Eastern fashion scene, making it one of the most fashionable in the region. So, it’s no surprise when we see so many Lebanese designers creating beautiful clothes full of life, colors and impeccable trendy style. These wrap pants fit the description to a T, inspiring a trendy African bohemian look that would look great for day or night.


5 - Bchil Crop Top by Boshies

A little about Boshies: More than just a clothing brand, Boshies is fashion with a purpose. Re-inspiring the Arab youth with modern takes on their cultural heritage. By creating fashion pieces inspired by the Arab cultural heritage, Boshies is not only helping modernize Arab culture, but it also hopes to spread this culture across the world. So it can be enjoyed by Arabs and non-Arabs alike.

A little about the product: (b-sh-eel). To most, the description would be: Urban Lebanese slang for expressing you are very keen to do or get something. But when you hear that word, how many memories and situations come to your mind? Personally, we get flooded with the so many memories with our families, our friends… Our inside jokes, our lunches, our hangouts and so much more!

6 - Coffee cups by Images D’Orient

A little about Images D’Orient: Images D’Orient is a contemporary concept paying tribute to the legacy of past civilizations. Inspired by a Mediterranean heritage, the designer objects will give every home a distinctive look, both vintage and futuristic. Each collection has a specific inspiration Henna, Sejjadeh, Moucharabieh, Nassij… And carries a story within it!

A little about the product: When we see these coffee cups, we remember our grandmothers taking away our cups as soon as we’re done with them, trying to read our future at the bottom of them. What do they remind you off? These beautifully designed cups will bring so many memories, stories, colors and style to your mornings.


7 - Tote bag by AverageFish


A little about AverageFish: The brand emerged in 2019, with the goal to be an eco-friendly handmade apparel brand that would suit everyone. AverageFish is inspired by Lebanese retro culture. Not only is the style vintage, but the technique that is used to produce each piece is also vintage. Each piece is made by silk-screen which is the oldest and most durable printing method. Proudly made and designed in Lebanon.

A little about the product: We are obsessed with these tote bags! They’re big, strong, functional, fashionable, and best of all, it’s water resistant. We would definitely advise you to check out the other designs they have and we’re sure it will be love at first sight, just like it was for us! For all of you who really love the golden ages of Lebanon and vintage style, you will really love wearing the pieces.

8 - Water Jug (Ibriq) by Lebanese Artisanal

A little about Lebanese Artisanal: are a group of young men in Lebanon who have decided to fight against the economic recession in the country by selling purely Lebanese handmade, non-franchised products abroad. The Ibriq, is a chalice of pride, heritage, and history; it’s the freshness of clean cut glass on a Sunday afternoon.

A little about the product: This Ibriq is dear to our hearts because it tells a beautiful story of how resilient and creative Lebanese people can be. While it represents heritage, it also represents a modern twist on how you can change a bad thing into something helpful and beautiful. This ibriq is made from the glass of the Beirut Blast. It also reminds us of all those Sunday lunches with our friends and families, giving us a taste of home far from home.

9 - Straw Hat by Beadside

A little about Beadside: Beadside is more than just a brand. It is a story; a story about the dreams, hopes, and ambitions of young Lebanese. And just like Lebanese youth, this brand is full of energy, innovative, and diverse. Bead by bead, each piece is handcrafted and unique. The face behind it is the sixteen-year-old entrepreneur Maria K, who wants to share her dreams for Lebanon through the colors of her beads.

A little about the product: Nothing says summer more than a straw hat! We are in love with the beautiful designs behind those handcrafted hats. These trendy hats are full of beautiful summer colors that will definitely make you stand out wherever you are.

10 - Beach Bag by Knit Knot

A little about KnitKnot: Knitknot is an atelier specialized in handmade and knit products, with customized designs for personal use, gifts, giveaways, events and special occasions.  All products are one-of-a-kind and are handmade with care by our artists and craftspeople at their workshop in Lebanon. 

A little about the product: Stand out with these beautiful handmade, hand-painted trendy, artsy, heritage inspired beach bags! From hand-painted Arabic words like ‘HOBB’ to sunflowers, they have designs that would appeal to everyone’s taste. Take a look at the collection and let us know which one is your favorite! ☺

11 - Lemonade Socks by Sikasok

A little about Sikasok: Sikasok is the first Arab brand to create statement socks that people relate to. The socks are designed and produced in Lebanon. The team behind the brand constantly make sure they offer the best quality possible — which means polyester-free cotton socks, produced ethically and locally by people we trust and who share our values.

A little about the product: We don’t know about you, but we love having colorful socks that make a statement to contrast our more ‘formal’ outwear. If you’re anything like us, you’re going to love this beautiful colorful collection! You know what they say. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade ☺

12 - Sunny magnet by Batenjeneh

A little about Batenjeneh: I can’t find information on the brand online and their website doesn’t seem to be working

A little about the product: So many people love filling their fridges with magnets from all the places they’ve been. Since we live abroad already, we love filling ours with memories from our favorite place in the world, our Lebanon ☺ this beautiful collection of magnets will make you feel like you’re walking into your kitchen back home.

13 - Clutch bag by La Rose de Sim

A little about La Rose de Sim: La Rose de Sim is about nostalgia. It is a celebration of love; that of Simon "Sim" and his beautiful beloved Marie Rose "Rose", whose love blossomed in the early seventies, Lebanon's golden age. After their passing, their son decided to eternalize their love by launching a lifestyle concept that commemorates their joyful, perpetually young spirit during the golden years.

A little about  the product: Every item in this collection is about reviving Lebanon’s glorious past, that of authenticity, optimism and lust for life. The story behind the brand is one of love and honoring that love throughout any time in life, because, as cliché as that might sound, love can heal and make every moment that much more magical.

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