Images d'Orient

Handmade Silk Screen Apparels

Lebanese Mouneh from our villages to your home

Creators of contemporary objects that pay tribute to the Mediterranean heritage

New embodiment of rebellious causes and blissful dreams

Mediterranean aesthetics with bold graphic lines and shapes

Beyond ideas, we sketch

Sourcing • Roasting • Brewing • Sustainably sourced high quality coffee

Brave enough to play - A fusion of trendy designs with bursts of color and a touch of the animal kingdom

Handmade painted hats

Product design

Fine fragrances from the Middle East

Illustrations & embroidery work

Crafted from What Mother Nature has Offered Us.

Handmade Leather handbags, wallets and accessories, based in Beirut, Lebanon

Rana Cheikha is Lebanese by origin but worldly in mindset

68 products

68 products