Baadak aala bali

Baadak aala bali

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Size: A3

Water color paint on paper.

The Arabic wording is a sticker that comes with the painting and can be mounted on the glass of the frame to create the 3D impression. 

Purchase excluding the frame.

Since he was born in 1992, Mario Zaher built an admiration towards anything related to art, drawings and colors. He pursued his academic studies in Interior Design at the Holy Spirit University Kaslik, where he received his bachelor degree in 2012 and his master degree in 2014. He then started working directly in this field, while he continued drawing as a personal hobby. In 2020, Mario decided to shift his hobby into a full time career as an artist.  Within 2 years, Mario was able to create paintings based on characters inspired by people in his own life, where these paintings took a life of their own. Mario’s ultimate goal is to translate every person’s emotions, memories, and nostalgia into an art piece they can relate to.