Figs Walnut Jam
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Lebanon’s most iconic jam, it is prepared all over Lebanese villages to overcome the very short season of fresh figs and be able to enjoy them all year long. Preparations are various: using fresh figs, whole or shopped, syrupy or dry, etc. We chose this one from Shmestar, because it’s full of flavor, and hits a great balance of sweetness.
Suggestions: To be enjoyed simply with a spoon, or the way our tetas like on Arabic bread with a generous spread of butter.

Fig jam with walnuts also plays a great gastronomic game, and matches perfectly with foie gras or with any salty white cheese (goat cheese, grilled or plain halloumi, etc.)

• Proudly form Shmestar, Bekaa
• Ingredients: Dried figs, walnuts, sugar, anise seeds
• Store in a dry and cool place

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