Mlookhiya (Mallow)
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Fresh mallow cannot be found all year long. It is dried, so we can eat the classic "mouloukhiyyeh" dish all-year-long. Many even prefer the dried mallow to fresh, thanks to the flavor concentration and pleasant texture. This is exceptional dried mallow, where taste and green color are preserved.

Suggestions: Use to prepare the staple dish "mouloukhiyyeh", slow-cooked mallow with chicken and/or beef. Don't forget to serve with chopped onion soaked in apple vinegar. Our family favorite is also "molokiyyeh batata harra" where fried potato cubes are tossed with chili, garlic, and dried mallow (instead of coriander).

  • Proudly from Kfar Remane - South
  • Ingredients: Dried jute mallow only
  • Store in a dry and cool place

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